About Us

About Us

Our owners, Steve and Paula Hillis, are committed to serving you. Is it any wonder that B&C Truck Electrical Services, Inc, has received some very prestigious awards?about

Our Awards Include:

  • Number-One Distributor of the Year, from Delco Remy
  • Number-One Distributor in the Midwest, from Leece-Neville
  • Largest Growth in Sales Award, from Denso
  • Top 5 Producers for Denso – Top Brushless Alternators Sales
  • CE Niehoff & Company Best of the Best Award
  • Leece-Neville Distributor of the Year

In presenting the Outstanding Distributor Award, Delco Remy Vice president Sales, Kent Jones, commented on Steve’s attitude and willingness to accept every sales opportunity and program that was offered as one of the keys to B&C Truck Electric Service’s success. “Steve has an open mind to new ideas and concepts. He won’t say no to any program until he tries it. Often when a manufacturer gets an idea for a new sales initiative for the aftermarket they will present it to Steve for his evaluation.”

Steve and Paula have owned B&C Truck Electric Service for 20 years. Steve has been in the automotive electric industry for 30 years. He started his career working as a regional manager for an electrical manufacturer and a truck refrigeration company. Going out on his own he bought B&C Truck Electric Service and a few years later purchased a well established warehouse distributor, Electric Magneto, and consolidated the two operations into one facility.

“You have to keep an open mind and accept change. The business climate has certainly changed since I took over B&C Truck Electric Service. Change is good if you make it work for you, or it can be fatal if you ignore or fight it.” Steve points to the fact when he started he had a one-man rebuilding shop. Today he has four rebuilders, but supplements their production with factory remanufactured alternators and starters. Using this philosophy B&C is able to sell profitably the production of ten man shop without the associated costs of overhead of actually having ten men on the bench.

Steve uses his vast experience in the electrical industry to service many diversified markets and levels of distribution. On any given day he will troubleshoot an electrical problem at a fleet, help a rebuilder find a hard-to-get part, and recommend a specific alternator to an ambulance or motor home manufacturer. Steve also oversees the JIT supply of Delco Remy alternators and starters for many small equipment manufactures in his region.

Steve’s experience and success in the automotive electrical industry has been recognized by both the manufactures and peers. He has been selected to serve on various advisory boards of O.E. manufacturers and has recently been elected by his peers to serve on the Board of Directors of the AEA segment of the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), the largest trade organization in the automotive industry.

“Attitude, attitude, attitude — it’s the major contributor to the success of Steve Hillis and B&C Truck Electric Service.”

The APRA Global Connection, October 2000

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